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Roppongi, Tokyo

Completed: December, 2015

Size: 84sqm / 25Tsubo

Client: Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain

           in Japan

Type of service: Exhibition Design



東京都 六本木

"Cutting-Edge" is an annual exhibition organized by Spain Embassy showcases a selection of Spanish products from leading designers, highlighting the "Cutting-Edge'' is an annual exhibition organized by the Embassy of Spain showcasing a selection of Spanish products from leading designers, highlighting the innovative nature and diversity of ideas Spain brings to the contemporary design community.  In 2015, Makeshift was chosen as one of five leading designers in Japan tasked to design the installation for this event, alongsideJin Kuramoto, Asao Tokolo, Yota Kakuda, and Yuichiro Yamanaka. Makeshift's space was designed to evoke a dream-like state in which the observers can experience the fine design furniture pieces in a completely white space with  natural light streaming in from a skylight.

駐日スペイン大使館で毎年開催される Cutting Edge展ではスペインが現代のデザインコミュニティにもたらす革新的な性質とアイデアの多様性に焦点を当て、一流のデザイナーによる職人の作品を展示しています。2015年には日本の注目すべきデザインナー5人のうちの1人としてMakeshiftが選ばれ、他の倉本 仁氏(プロダクトデザイナー)、角田 陽太氏(プロダクトデザイナー)、野老 朝雄氏(グラフィックデザイナー)、山中 祐一郎氏(建築家)と共にこの展示のデザインに参加しました。Makeshiftが表現するインスタレーションは、天窓から光が降り注ぐ真っ白な空間の中で、素晴らしいプロダクトデザインに出会う体験が、まるで夢の中の状態を想起させるような空間になりました。


Location: 1-3-29 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032
Principal use: Exhibition

Client: Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Japan
Completion: December, 2015

Design plan: Makeshift

Concept design: Makeshift

Construction type: Temporary custom-made millwork production  

Project management: Makeshift

Artists: studioBOWL

Construction: studioBOWL

Total floor area: 84sqm / 25Tsubo

Photographs: studioBOWL, Tomooki Kengaku Photography

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