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we create products, services, spaces, and organizations
that bring positive change to the world.


Ikue Nomura

Ikue initially earned her degree in Architecture/Timber Engineering from The Vienna University of Technology and has both studied and worked in a design capacity in the U.S., Italy, Germany, and Austria. She came back to Japan in 2010, and worked at Gensler Tokyo office, a global architectural design firm. In 2015, she joined her current company Makeshift, and has been working as a CEO and design consultant for wide range of projects including workplace design, community spaces, and exhibitions, etc.


Work History:
‘15- Current Makeshift (Tokyo)

‘10-’15 Gensler (Tokyo)
‘10-’12 Union internationale des Architectes (Tokyo)

‘08-’10 Zechner & Zechner ZT Gmbh (Vienna)
‘05-’06 Dewberry Inc. (Chicago)


MS Vienna University of Technology BA Miami University


Rino Fukugaki

Rino Fukugaki is the office manager at Makeshift, supporting operation and accounting. Previously working in the automotive aftermarket industry, she has experience in logistics and sales. She likes helping creative communities and events. 

Rino is also a financial administrator in BnA Co., Ltd.  



Kouji Sato (SKD Inc.) 

Kouji Sato, CEO of SKD Inc., an interior design office collaborates with Makeshift. Koji and his team are engaged in wide range of interior designs including office,​ hairdresser, ryokan, as well as bars and cafes. Makeshift and Koji has worked together building creative office space including, Pinterest, WHEREVER, and Anchorstar office, etc.


Yuki Tsuji

Yuki Tsuji, Ikebana specialist earned his master's degree at the Department of Architecture Kogakuin University in Japan. Tsuji works with ikebana explores the inter-relationships amongst humans, architecture and plants. Sharing common interests, Makeshift and Tsuji seeks to express such relationships bu fusing plants' vitality and human creativity beyond architectural design and product design.

スクリーンショット 2023-02-09 18.21.02.png


会社名   MAKE SHIFT株式会社

英文表記  Makeshift K.K.

所在地   〒105-0003 東京都港区西新橋2-21-2 第一南櫻ビル6F

代表    野村 郁恵

​設立    2013年

Keigo Fukugaki

Keigo is a Designer, Entrepreneur, and also a Co-Founder of BnA (Bed&Art Project). He has worked as an Architectural Designer, Interior Designer around the world including San Francisco, Vienna, and Tokyo. Keigo has designed and managed a wide range of projects, pushing the established boundaries and roles of designers. Previous projects include bridge design, luxury homes in California, office interiors for international corporations, brand development and strategy, web app development, product and furniture design.


Work History:
‘13-Current Makeshift (Tokyo)

‘11 -’14 ‘09-’11 ‘08-’09

Gensler (Tokyo)
DMD Architects (San Francisco) Coop Himmel Blau (Vienna)


BA Calpoly San Luis Obispo (CA)


Ryohei Murakami (studioBOWL) 

Ryohei Murakami is the creator of studioBOWL and long time collaborator of Makeshift. He works using scrap materials and ready-made items, a concept he calls "remake & rebirth". He creates and exihibits his new type of furnitures, interior and space designs, beautifully matching our client space and creates a perfect scenary.



Imaone is a Tokyo based graffiti artist. His artwork is known for its iconic character and style with a sensitive touch that has been widely recognized both nationally and Internationally. Imaone  is also an illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, has engaged in wide range of production including publishing, mural, digital art. Since 2019, He is artist-in-residence at the atelier space run by Makeshift. He has became a great partner,  worked on several mural in the space Makeshift designed.

In July 2021,  Imaone and Makeshift together opened an art gallery, called SHINTORA PRESS in Toranomon.

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