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Nishishimbashi, Tokyo

Completed: May, 2016 (Expansion: June, 2019)
Size: 220sqm / 72tsubo

Client: Anchorstar Inc.
Type of service: Renovation, Workplace Design,                               Community Building,  Art Curation



東京都 西新橋

Anchorstar is a platform and team that specializes in providing market entry strategy, localization and administrative support for startups founded abroad looking to launch in Japan. Makeshift helped with community-building and designing the Anchorstar Lounge, an invite-only shared office space for those companies. Makeshift continues to work as a board member and an in-house consultant in this community.


Project Info.

Location: Daiichi Nano Bldg. 6F &7F, 2−21−2 Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Principal use: Co-working space

Client: Anchorstar Inc.
Completion: May, 2016 (Expansion: June, 2019)

Design plan: Makeshift

Concept design: Makeshift

Construction type: Renovation, Interior

Project management: Makeshift

Artists:  imaone, JONJON GREEN by Youta Matsuoka, Yuji Oda, studioBOWL, SHUTIE

Construction: WARLOCK Inc.

Total floor area: 220sqm / 72tsubo

Photographs: Tomooki Kengaku Photography

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